The red fox is usually around 10 - 15lbs with a body length ranging from 20-25″ when fully grown. They can be found all over the Nassau County New York area, ranging from rural to suburban areas. A fox litter usually averages between 4-6 and are born usually between mid-March through April. Foxes are active throughout the day and night. Most activity is observed during dawn and dusk.
It is said that when you start missing some chickens, pigeons or other small animals then it may be a good time to begin searching for a ‘fox in the henhouse.’ These small predators are considered a real nuisance to the rancher or farmer and usually require fox removal. Foxes are mostly known for going after chickens but have been caught on the prowl for other small prey around the Long Island (Nassau County) New York area.
Since wildlife agencies regulate what traps to use and where, it is best to find someone qualified to handle the removal. The best places to put traps are along fence lines, trails, and ponds. There is special equipment that is required to trap, so if in doubt call "Animal Removal" to remove red fox from your Long Island (Nassau County) New York property.
Trapping is the most effective way to remove foxes but if you don’t have experience, the fox is smart and will learn how to avoid you and your traps. If it is in the springtime you will also want to locate the den and catch the pups. The best time for den trapping is early in the morning or late in the evening when they are more active.
We Remove Foxes by Trapping Without Harm To Them
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