Animal Removal has access to experienced carpenters who specialize in the repair of damage resulting from rodents (mice, rats, squirrels) raccoons, birds, bats, moles and other home invaders. We take great pride in restoring damaged property to a condition that matches the original structure as much as possible. When animals get into homes or businesses, they can do serious damage.
Trapping and capturing animals, Animal Removal does not harm any animals, without repairing the issues that allowed them to enter into or around your building or home in the first place, is a waste of time and your money. Without proper repair to your home and exclusion practices, any new animals will get in almost as quickly as the old animals that were first removed. That's why most animal removal jobs also require animal damage repair and exclusion work after the animals are trapped and properly relocated without incident.
Animal Removal of Long Island (Nassau County) New York provides a wide variety of animal damage repair and animal proofing services. If you're dealing with pests and they have moved into your attic crawl space, soffets on your roof, steeple, basement, shed or barn we can properly remove your wildlife issues and keep them out of your home or business for good.
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