Depending on the season it could take a very long time for the smell of any dead animal to go away. In the summer a dead animal can smell very strong for a few weeks and then start to get better. In the winter the smell might not be as bad but could last for months. In either case it is important to get the dead animal removed professionally. The smell can be dangerous for someone with respiratory problems and any ecto-parasites that were living on the animal need to be exterminated. Animal Removal of Long Island (Nassau County) New York will remove the dead animal, exterminate the ecto-parasites and deodorize to reduce the smell.
Once the dead animal is removed, then a trapping session may be needed to remove any other animals that might be in the area. When the trapping session is completed, Animal Removal will do a full exclusion on your home.  Any areas the animal was getting in your home or could possibly get into your home will be sealed off. If the dead animal was a rat or mouse, rodent control may be necessary.
We'll Do It!
An animal could be anywhere under your porch, in your out building, or maybe in your attic. To make matters worse, these animals were most likely infested with flees or ticks. Once the animal dies, these pathogens try to find a new host by migrating into your home or somebody like me comes along to remove the animal and we get attacked by starving fleas. Nevertheless, dead animal removal is a necessary service, and few people have the skills or patience to do this type of work, but Animal Removal of Nassau County New York will do it.

Animal Removal does not tear out walls or flooring in your home.  This practice should only be done by a licensed building contractor.  But we will come to your home and retrieve a dead animal and dispose of it properly as not to break any laws or State of New York ordinances regarding dead animal removal.
Humane Animal Trapping in New York
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